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Raising funds to help eradicate the use of kerosene lamps and candles as a source of lighting in Africa and Nepal. In support of Solar Aid.

Photo by Corrie Wingate.
Photo by Corrie Wingate. Source:
Earthquake survivors in the remote Gorkha region, with their new solar lights. Source:
Photo by Corrie Wingate.
Photo by Corrie Wingate. Source:

Mount Everest is one of the first places to be impacted by global warming due to its close proximity to the sun. Dellon will take this opportunity to raise awareness and advocate on global warming and the power of clean, safe and affordable solar lights.

Dellon will partner with Solar Aid in transforming and impacting communities in Africa and Nepal to tackle poverty and climate change through the supply of safe and affordable solar lights.

Over 290 million people in Africa use kerosene as their main source of lighting. As well as CO2 emissions, new research indicates that one kilogram of black carbon, emitted by kerosene lamps, produces as much warming in a month as a 700 kilogram of carbon dioxide does over 100 years.

In addition to solar power, the use of solar lights in Africa will have significant impact in the lives of the community in areas of health, education, economic development, social development.

Solar powered lights reduce the risk of indoor air pollution, fire and carbon-poisoning. In sub-Saharan Africa indoor smoke causes around 400 000 deaths a year. Infants in the WHO African region have three times the amount of burn deaths than infants worldwide. In addition to health, children with access to light tend to double the amount of homework they do every evening.

The use of solar power in African communities helps save money in the poorest of households and promotes basic social interactions, that betters both family and community livelihoods. Charitable efforts promote a positive image for sponsors among the business community and general public as responsible and responsive corporate citizen.

In addition to supporting my climb, you can also buy a lamp for a Child-led family here.

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