“As the preferred auditing and accounting partner, we are proud to be part of this incredible journey with the Aim For Everest team.” — Shaun Treau (Director)

Vertigo Adventures is Proud to partner with the Aim For Everest initiative and is providing skills training for the up and coming 3 Peak Challenge.

Trystan Firman is the lead instructor( and Founder) of Vertigo Adventures . He grew up in The Drakensberg and has climbed some of the highest peaks in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Austria, Jordan, Kenya, Namibia, Argentina, Ukraine, Italy, Romania and Canada.
He has also climbed extensively in South Africa with some first ascents and rare repeats.

In September 2018 he was part of a team that climbed the Diamond Colour on the South Face of Mount Kenya for its first ascent in over 15 years, which had a lot of its terrain effected by global warming, thereby increasing the difficulty of the climb.
He holds a TG26 / NQF7 certificate in Mountaineering and includes the TG23 Mountain walking & TG25 Rock Climbing, together with an M.I.A (Mountain Instructor Award) from the Mountain Development & Training Trust (MDT).

We look forward to having him on board.

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The climb of Mt. Everest, which stands 29,035′ above sea level, is a 60 to 75-day journey. It takes a tremendous amount of logistics:

Dellon is targeting to raise a minimum of $75 000 toward the climb. In addition, any amount raised above the minimum cost of the climb will be donated to the Solar Aid initiative in order to supply solar powered lights to communities in Africa.

Mount Everest summit is a bonafide human challenge. Reaching the top of mount Everest represents a rare achievement. Those who reach the peak have to go through 8 camps with each representing an achievement. Each camp celebrates passions and discipline. It is a triumph of the human spirit.


Dellon presents a value proposition for your brand and through a strategic business partnership Dellon’s summit can offer multi-platform marketing and promoting opportunities, stakeholder engagement while impacting the society
Evets Exposure, Brand Building and Reputation building.

By providing sponsorship to Dellon’s quest, you will have a unique opportunity to promote your company’s brand and goodwill.


  • Summit naming rights
  • Feature your brand at the top of all three peaks (items less than half a kg, photo, flag, product package)
  • Use of Dellon’s images related to the climb for all your communications, including point of sale
  • Branding opportunity on peaks
  • Social media campaign on behalf of the brand
  • Media, PR and marketing activations brand exposure
  • Co-branding on merchandise for sale
  • Permanent mention on the website
  • Branding on summit and training gear
  • Access to multi demographic segment.
  • Exclusive single web page on our website
  • Exclusive Invitation and recognition at all events

The climb of Mt. Everest, which stands 29,035′ above sea level, is a 60 to 75 journey. It takes a tremendous amount of logistics which includes:

  • Climbing license from Nepal’s government
  • Sherpas and porters to carry loads to the base camp
  • Hundreds of feet of ropes, technical ice climbing equipment, tents, etc.
  • Bottled oxygen for above 26,000′ and summit attempts
  • Food and cooking staff for the duration of the climb

We can jointly put together a bespoke package for all levels to match your brand needs.
In kind sponsorship will be used for Charity Auctions during the fundraising campaigns to raise additional funds or donate to the Solar lamp NGO.